Lady Annabeth Honorward

Lady of House Honorward


A Lady of 30 years. She has blonde hair and hazel eyes. She has a very kind and attractive face. She walks with a limp and is often seen with a cane.


Annabeth was born to House Graves. She had two sisters and two brothers. House Graves was the cavalry center of The Reach. She learned to ride very young. When she was six years old she was greatly injured when the horse was spooked by a snake.

Though she always walked with a cane after she was sent to be a handmaiden, there she became great friends with Olenna Redwyne to Celene Tyrell where they served for many years. Orlena and Annabeth were closer then sisters. Annabath often painted for her Lady and her dear friend.

Annebeth first met Hugo Honorward at the Tourney for Prince Aery Targaryen’s birth. He won the whole tourney and named her Queen of love and beauty. She pressed the flowers he gave her into a book Lady Olenna had given her. She had never felt so special or beautiful in her life.

They met a second time when he appeared at the tourney for Tytus Lannister inherited Casterly Rock. Though Hugo was unhorsed by her eldest brother, Marcus Graves he did go up to her father and ask for her hand. They were married shortly after.

The love between them at the beginning was something to behold. Their Their first child was Chase Honorward, a healthy son. A year later a daughter was born, Cassandra. A year after that two twin girls that had been rough on Annabeth. Olenna sent a Braavos women to help her through the process.

Lady Annabeth Honorward is much beloved by the people. She has opened a section of the castle to orphans and bastards to be feed and help them find a life out of the slums. Lady Annabeth travels to visit many lady Olenna and other ladies in the realm.

With the birth of Bethany Lady Annabeth spent much time with the people and Lord Hugo spent much time in the field and with the men.

When he did not return from the war of Nine Penny Kings Annabeth wept a for an hour.

Lady Annabeth Honorward

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