Cassandra Honorward

Eldest Daughter of the Honorward family


Cassandra is a spirited girl of fourteen. She has blonde hair often tied back out of her face. She is often seen in the yard watching the men practice with sword and shield.


Cassandra was the second child born to Lord and Lady Honorward. From an early age she was often found in the yard watching her elder brother. at age five she demanded to join him because it wasn’t fair. It was something Hugo Honorward let her indulge in.

Cassandra became adept at archery, swordplay and with a shield. Her mother insisted on her still studying her more lady like activities. She was often asked what she wanted to be when she grew up and she answered, “Chase”. She often followed her older brother where he went. Lord Hugo often joked she was “Close enough to being a second son”.

When the youngest Honorward child was born something changed between Cassandra and her father. She no longer went out of her way to speak to him and only answered when directly forced to. When he did not come home from the war she barely seemed to notice.

Cassandra Honorward

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