Hugo Honorward

Lord of Honorhold


Hugo Honorward, broad of shoulder, towering in height with blonde hair and blue eyes.


Hugo Honorward was the eldest of the children born to his parents. He was always a cheerful child. He showed himself to be a skilled warrior early and with that grew a confidence that would not be shaken. He had a confidence and the skill to take credit for those around hims achievements when it made him look the good Heir. He could inspire a group of men for a fight. He was charming and persuasive. Often times he could turn a political enemy a friend in just a short conversation and a good laugh.

Due to his ability to charm and fight, often people said he was favored by the Seven. He was knighted young. He won title and gold from many jousts and small battles around him. He had quiet a following from both the small folk and the nobles. He first met his Lady wife at a joust and crowned her Lady of Love and Beauty.

With her added ability to play the game Hugo’s reputation only grew. Shortly after he became Lord of Honorward he had a section of the castle dedicated to raising orphan and bastard boys to join the army for the house. ‘Everyone needs a skill, and the boys have little else to look after them’. Though House Honorward has never sired a bastard the kindness and skills offered to the children seemed to increase Hugo’s popularity with the people.

When the first born child was born Hugo started carrying the baby with him, to meetings and in the yard to show the young Chase how to be a Lord. He did similar when the first girl, Cassandra was born. As Chase was taught the sword and shield Hugo with a laugh let Cassandra join in as well. He lead the army to war with the nine penny kings. He handed Chase his sword early one morning and never returned home.

But to the people of his house there was a darker side. He was quick to anger, was often sensitive to slights and showed little affection to the rest of his children. Though he cared greatly for Chase making him the squire. He often called Cassandra his ‘second son’ but not in a way that held much affection.

Hugo Honorward

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