Lord Oswin Banefort

Lord of Banefort


Lord Oswin Banefort is a massive man, standing just over six and a half feet tall. Still an impressive warrior despite being over the age of sixty, Oswin strikes a dramatic and imposing presence both within and without the walls of Banefort. His hair is grizzled and grey, and his weathered skin is scarred and severe as stone. Unlike other houses in the Westerlands, the Baneforts have more akin to the First Men than the Andals, and Lord Banefort is a clear display of this.


Oswin Banefort was the only son of his predecessor, and has worked to build his house to greatness after his grandfather’s blundering misstep in standing against the Lannisters in the Blackfyre Rebellion. His first marriage at the age of sixteen was to Lady Sarah Westerling, who bore him two sons – Gerald and Tanner. Sarah died giving birth to Tanner, however, leading to him later marrying Jocalyn of House Piper.

Oswin’s eldest son, Gerald, died fighting the Blackfyres in the War of the Ninepenny Kings, and his second son Tanner was sent to take the Black after his involvement with threatening the king’s peace by acting against House __________. This has left Oswin bitter and angry at House __________ and their leigelord, House Reyne.

Oswin is stern and severe, said to rarely smile and tolerates no disrespect. He may not be the most feared warrior in the Westerlands, having long since left his prime, but the Giant of Banefort (as he is sometimes called) remains a fierce leader and staunch supporter of Lannister rule.

Lord Oswin Banefort

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