House Banefort

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~“Wreathed In Flame”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_

House Banefort is one of the older noble houses in the Westerlands, the family first coming into prominance during Aegon’s Conquest of Westeros. The Baneforts sided with the Targaryens during the invasion, and helped Aegon the Conqueror clear the Westerlands of opposition. For their loyalty, the family was given control of the fortress of one of those who resisted the Targaryens, which henceforth was known as The Banefort, after the family’s own name.

Though they owed their fealty to the Lannisters, as did all families within the Westerlands, House Banefort was long regarded as an independant house, capable of handling their own affairs. Their army was not large enough to be regarded as a serious threat, and they had few allies among the Westerlands. However, their isolation and relative position of being disregarded by larger houses grated on the Baneforts, leading them to side with the Blacks during the Blackfyre Rebellion in an attempt to raise their own station, as the Lannisters had sided with the greens. This resulted in a brutal reprisal from one of the Lannisters’ strongest allies in the region, House Reyne of Castamere. The Banefort army was thrashed, and the Blacks did not have much reason to send their own forces to support such a hopeless battle. The Baneforts lost much of their holdings as a result, formerly Banefort lands being given to one of House Reyne’s bannermen, House Honorward. However, rather than destroy the house entirely, Tytos Lannister showed weakness – one of many times he would do so in his rule – and spared the house, the only further retribution being that the Baneforts were pressed into being Lannister Bannermen.

Following the Blackfyre Rebellion, the Banefort’s quickly ran afoul of the Reynes again. House Honorward had a surge of crime running through their lands, with bandit clans and poachers rampaging through their new holdings. While the Lannisters couldn’t supply direct aid at the time, then preparing for the War of the Ninepenny Kings. Once again, the Reyne’s came to the support of their bannerman, and found that the crime surge had been funded by the Baneforts. The Baneforts sought the Lannisters’ voice to determine judgement, but Tytos wilted before the Reynes and deferred judgement to Castamere. They Reynes forced the Baneforts to pay bitterly for their transgressions, with huge levies and reparations paid to House Honarward in recompense. Further, the eldest living son of the Lord of the house was sent to the Wall for his involvement.

Today, House Banefort remains untrusted by its neighbors, namely their rivals in House Honorward and other Reyne Bannermen. They mainly keep their heads down, not wanting to incur the wrath of the unforgiving Reynes further.

Notable Members
Lord: Oswin Banefort
Lady: Jocalyn Banefort
Heir: Lucan Banefort
Roger Banefort
Finn Banefort

Castellan: Alastair Hill

House Banefort

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